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one time i was channel surfing and i came to a scene in twilight where rob pattinson climbs up into a tree as edward cullen and i changed the channel and rob pattinson hopped out of a tree as cedric diggory from harry potter

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imagine a horror movie where you’re trapped in your house with a serial killer but all your lights are clappers

so you’re running for your life from this psychopath while both of you are just aggressively clapping the lights on and off

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One day this will be: “Anderson-Hummels! Anderson-Hummels!” as Blaine tries to lead his and Kurt’s as yet barely upright children in a rousing chorus of ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider.’

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au - MPREG - After six months in the Big Apple and since forgoing the condoms, Blaine realizes he’s knocked up. If only he could have told Kurt differently.

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I made a thing. It’s Klaine fanart based on Auburn song “Perfect Two” :)

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oops…seems like someone got caught :3 

oops…seems like someone got caught :3 

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Could you guys imagine if the only sex education people got was from bad fanfiction?

Well, there would be a lot more access to birth control because men would think they could get pregnant.

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