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Renewed Klaine fic rec list

Worthless/Priceless by Captain Pihkal - At a slave market Kurt rescues a slave from certain death and takes him home. WIP

Until I’m Bleeding by xCaellachx - Could you truly forget who you are? Could you forget the person you love? What Blaine can’t remember might cost him everything, and it seems like he doesn’t care. COMPLETE

All You Needed Was Me xCaellachx - Kurt attends the all men’s college Dalton Academy in New York. He meets Blaine who happens to be a first class jerk. But when Blaine decides Kurt should be his, will Kurt be able to resist him? Kurt has a secret and when Blaine finds out, the jerk in him leaves and the protector emerges. COMPLETE

Sweat by nellie12 - Kurt was having a bad day until he found badboy!Blaine in the boy’s locker room, furiously swinging at the school’s punching bag. Sweat shouldn’t be so attractive. They talk and get to know each other really, really well. COMPLETE

Roommates by nellie12 - Kurt is an NYU student who is pleased with the way his life has turned out. He left Lima, now getting to enjoy living in NYC with a great boyfriend and a wonderful job. Then his new friend Rachel’s younger brother Blaine turns that upside down. WIP

The Dapper Highwayman by mothergoddamn - Heading back from college for the summer, Kurt decides to pick up a hitchhiker. And gets a lot more than a travelling companion. COMPLETE

How Kurt Hummel Got Married, Fell In Love, And Met His Dream Man (In That Order) by aubreyli - GKM promtp: As the younger brother (with Finn being the eldest and therefore will inherit all of Burt’s money), Kurt is sold to Blaine Anderson as a husband. COMPLETE

It Started With a Phone Call by Oh-Woffie - While working at the garage one afternoon, Kurt Hummel received a phone call from a very flustered young man by the name of Blaine Anderson. ONE-SHOT

Restrained by scarlettfire - With nowhere to go for the winter holidays, Blaine accompanies his college roommate Finn home, where he meets the most beautiful boy. The attraction flares hot and fast. Whether it’ll stay is the question. COMPLETE

Forever Shattered by DarrenColfer - No one knows why Kurt’s touch is fatal, but The Reestablishment has plans for him. Plans to use him as a weapon. But Kurt has plans of his own. After a lifetime without freedom. he’s finally discovering a strength to fight back for the very first time-and to find a future with the one boy he thought he’d lost forever… COMPLETE

Stuck in Reverse by xCaellach - Kurt finds Blaine on the side of the road, bruised and broken. He is shocked when he finds out just what Blaine needs from him in order to heal. COMPLETE

Everything You Gave Me by xCaellach - Blaine falls for a younger man at college, never realizing Kurt shares more in common with his past than he could ever imagine. COMPLETE

I Was Made for Loving You, Baby by TranquillityofPassion - For his 18th birthday, the warblers surprise Blaine with a beautiful prostitute. COMPLETE

Denial: It’s A River In Egypt and Operation: Get Kurt Hummel Into Bed by pavementchaser: College AU - Kurt only sleeps with straight boys. Blaine Anderson is a straight boy in his class. Kurt sets about seducing him. ONE-SHOTS

Manipulate Me by gg42 - A massage is supposed to make you feel really good and leave you completely relaxed, if a bit sore, right? Sixteen year old Blaine gets his first full body massage and then some. COMPLETE

Hold My Heart by Xx-Erin-xX-AthrunxCagallifan - Blaine is a carrier who is sold by his parents when they are in need of money. He is gifted to Kurt by his buyer in order to gain favour with newly elected Congressman Hummel. COMPLETE

Hold Me and Sing a Lullaby by klainefairytalelove - When Kurt agrees to fly out with Santana to meet her new mail-order bride he never expects to fall in love. Blaine, the broken, abused boy returned after a badly arranged marriage and who has become nothing more than the center’s glorified slave catches Kurt’s eye during the trip. Can Kurt help Blaine heal and find out what it means to be truly loved or is Blaine too broken?

Underneath by Ryleigh Hayle - Kurt Hummel has been hiding himself under layers of clothing. Hiding his personality, his fears, his doubts and his heart. Blaine Anderson is a football player with a tough exterior and a secret. When their paths cross, will they be able to shed the layers and expose their true selves to each other?WIP

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